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Photo of Heather Scott with her husband and daughter


It was during a relaxing and tranquil trip to Mexico that Heather Scott’s world turned upside down.

While on a scuba diving expedition with her husband Glen, she lost consciousness, had to be brought up to the surface, and was left with no recollection of the dive.

When the couple returned back to Canada, Heather visited her family doctor who sent her for an MRI to be on the safe side. When the scan came back it showed that Heather had a brain tumour — and Heather was left in complete disbelief.

“When I saw the tumour on my MRI, I started sobbing and couldn’t control my emotions,” says Heather, who was referred to a neurosurgeon who would monitor her tumour for the next few years.

It was during this time that Heather reached out many times to an invaluable resource which you make possible with your gift to fund the Cancer Information Helpline. Here, she was able to speak with trained professionals about the challenges she was facing — and get the emotional support she needed.

“The best way I can describe using the Cancer Information Helpline is that the support you receive makes you feel like you are being wrapped up in a warm blanket,” says Heather. “The helpline gave me a safe space where I could talk about my emotions, and in speaking with others I always ended up feeling a lot better afterwards.”

Heather eventually had brain surgery remove her tumour. She has now made a full recovery and is beyond grateful for the people on the other end of the line who made all of the difference.

“When you’re dealing with something that you are unable to vocalize or verbalize it can feel very tough emotionally,” says Heather. “I wish that I knew the people I was talking to because their support truly helped to save my life.”

Heather is also grateful for your support that helps make the helpline a lifeline for her and others.

“Your gifts have positive impact on the lives of everybody on a cancer journey,” says Heather.  “You’ve helped change lives.”

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