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Photo of Dr. Shoukat Dedhar


When you purchased the gift to fund research into hard to treat cancers, you supported Canada’s brightest researchers, like Dr Shoukat Dedhar, in finding ways to improve cancer treatment to save more lives.

Pancreatic cancer is very difficult to treat and only about 10% of people diagnosed survive for five or more years. One possible reason is the presence of CAIX, a protein found only in certain types of cancerous tumours that encourages tumour growth and spread. 

With your support, Dr Dedhar and his team tested a compound to block CAIX and better suppress the growth and spread of pancreatic, breast and brain cancer. To address the challenge of the cancer cells returning, they then found a group of genes that they needed to block (together with CAIX), so they could effectively destroy the cancer cells. 

With your CCS Gift, researchers like Dr Dedhar are making discoveries that are advancing cancer treatment to stop the growth and spread of hard-to-treat cancers.

“Researchers depend on this funding to advance our knowledge of cancer, our ability to treat cancer, and our ability to live with cancer,” says Dr Dedhar. “Without your support, all of this would come to a grinding halt.” 

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