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Photo of Aeson Moen with his mom, Ana


Shortly after his first birthday, Aeson Moen was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of high-risk childhood cancer. Still reeling from this news, his parents Aaron and Ana then learned that some children have a fatal reaction to the drugs that are standard for treating this type of cancer.

Thankfully, when donors like you gave to fund childhood cancer research and support a newly developed test could determine if Aeson carried a gene that put him at risk from these drugs. Watch the video below to see Aeson’s full story.

The test revealed that Aeson had not one, but two genes that put him in the highest risk category for heart failure if he took the chemotherapy drug. With that essential knowledge, Aeson’s doctors were able to offer a different course of treatment.

“I can’t even think about what could have happened,” says mom Ana. “He could have died if he’d had that drug.”

Today, Aeson is an energetic, happy, curious child who keeps his parents on their toes! He recently started kindergarten and he’s been cancer-free for four years.

“We owe Canadian Cancer Society donors a huge thank you,” says dad Aaron. “If it hadn’t been for that test developed through CCS-funded research Aeson wouldn’t be here today.”

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