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Photo of Jackie Fletcher


When Jackie Fletcher was diagnosed with liposarcoma, a rare type of cancer, her first thought was for her children. They’d lost their father to brain cancer 12 years earlier, so Jackie was worried about how her diagnosis would affect them.

“I immediately thought, ‘Oh no, my kids have to go through this again?’ It felt like we were about to relive a nightmare,” she recalls.

But thanks to donors like you, the future got brighter for Jackie and her family.

Dr Rebecca Auer, a Canadian Cancer Society funded researcher and Jackie’s surgical oncologist, had developed new treatment strategies to minimize the risk of cancer recurrence after surgery. She presented Jackie with the opportunity to become involved in a clinical trial to test this potentially life-saving research.

With the support of donors like you, Dr Auer and her team launched the world’s first clinical trial to test whether the combination of an erectile dysfunction drug and the flu vaccine can boost a patient’s immune system after surgery and prevent cancer from spreading.

Participating in this research has meant everything to Jackie, who is now cancer-free and is slowly beginning to transition back into her regular routine. With a newborn grandson, Jackie is thankful for the ability to watch him grow up.

“I feel so indebted to donors and Dr. Auer, who made this possible,” she says. “This has given me so much hope for the future and has helped me feel like this will help other moms down the road.”

No mom should have to face cancer alone. Your gift to fund clinical trials is giving moms like Jackie the hope they need.

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