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Photo of Dr Michael Taylor


Can you imagine a future where a child with a brain tumour would not have to undergo brain surgery or radiation? When you fund childhood cancer research and support, it’s closer than you might think.

A team led by Dr Michael Taylor, a CCS-funded researcher and paediatric neurosurgeon, is conducting innovative research on medulloblastoma, the most common type of brain tumour found in children.

Since most medulloblastoma deaths are caused by tumours that have spread, children often require radiation, which has a negative impact on their quality of life.

Dr Taylor says that in the future they will be able to use blood samples rather than brain surgery to biopsy patients. This means less invasive and more effective ways of treating children with medulloblastoma.

If Dr Taylor’s team can come to understand the biology of metastases a little bit better, they might be able to diminish – or eliminate – the need for radiation.

This research, made possible by a gift to fund childhood cancer research and support has far-reaching benefits.

"Not only do we want to help kids and adults with cancer here, but our results are benefiting patients all over the world," says Dr Taylor. "Research discoveries made in Canada are having an impact way beyond." 

And that impact starts with you. Thank you for your support.

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