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Photo of Dr. François Bénard


Clinical trials are an essential step in bringing discoveries from the lab to people facing cancer, and thanks to gifts like yours to help fund clinical trials, Dr François Bénard’s (pictured above) study could bring new hope to those affected by advanced prostate cancer.

With support from the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) funded Cancer Clinical Trials Group, Dr Bénard and his team are conducting a national multi-centre clinical trial aiming to accelerate Canadians’ access to a new and promising prostate cancer treatment: radioligand therapy (RLT).

“RLT uses radiation to locate and destroy prostate cancer cells,” says Dr Bénard. “What makes RLT so exciting is that the radiation is delivered directly and specifically to tumour cells wherever they are in the body.”

The trial will study outcomes for people with metastatic prostate cancer treated with RLT as compared to standard chemotherapy. In addition, the research will consider practical barriers and healthcare costs for Canadians accessing RLT.

“Donors to CCS play a key role in fueling discoveries with potential to improve quality of life, and survival, for thousands of Canadians,” says Dr Stuart Edmonds, Executive VP of Mission, Research, and Advocacy at CCS. “Thank you for your support of clinical trials, and Canada’s most promising prostate cancer research.”
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