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Photo of Dr. Jolie Ringash


People with head and neck cancers (HNC) have very specific needs as they recover. By helping to fund world-leading cancer research, you allowed researchers to develop and test a plan to improve rehabilitation – and quality of life.

While treatment for HNC is necessary and lifesaving, those receiving it often have complex side effects such as problems with swallowing, speech, sensation and cognitive function.

To address these concerns, Dr Jolie Ringash, an oncologist, and Dr. Sara McEwen, a rehabilitation scientist, forged a unique partnership. Along with a team of experts, they combined their perspectives to create and test a rehabilitation planning consult for people recovering from head and neck cancers.

During the consults, healthcare providers work with patients to learn their specific needs. They then develop personalized rehabilitation goals and plans that will help them get back to doing the important things in their lives.

The outcomes were extremely promising. The team found that people who took part in the rehabilitation planning consult reported higher satisfaction and greater success in achieving their goals.

“We keep doing this rewarding work because we see patients benefiting from rehabilitation, taking charge and getting back to their regular lives,” says Dr Ringash. “It has been crucial to have funding from CCS to move this project forward.”

The team is now conducting a Phase II clinical trial to compare their rehabilitation planning consult with the current standard of care – and it’s all made possible through your support.

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