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Photo of Nathalie Breton


When Nathalie Breton was diagnosed with breast cancer, her life was thrown into chaos. Though she tried her best to make sense of her diagnosis, her questions went unanswered by doctors and it was difficult to make sense of her options. Adding to the stress, Nathalie learned that she would have to travel hours to get treatment – and had nowhere to stay.

Confused and overwhelmed, Nathalie turned to, where she learned more about her type of cancer and her treatment options. She also learned about the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS)'s Lodge, a welcoming home away from home for people who must travel to receive cancer treatment. Not only was the lodge just steps away from where Nathalie received treatment, she also found a warm and supportive community that motivated her through the ups and downs of her cancer experience.

Your gift to fund a home away from home provides a supportive environment for people like Nathalie – and invaluable comfort during challenging times.

“Without the help of donors like you, I wouldn’t have received the support I needed,” says Nathalie. “Every donation, no matter how big or small, helps cancer patients like me tackle adversity one step at a time. I’m forever grateful!”
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