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Photo of Jen at the Cancer Information Helpline


Your gift to fund the Cancer Information Helpline is more than a simple call. Your gift is a lifeline for someone affected by cancer. 

Allan* reached out to Cancer Information Service for support after his adult son's cancer diagnosis. His son had recently undergone a stem cell transplant for acute myelogenous leukemia. He found the side effects debilitating, and was concerned about the finances of his young family. Allan was trying to help his son as much as he could, but they lived hours apart. 

The stress of a cancer diagnosis affects the whole family, and the caring, credible professionals at the Cancer Information Service know this all too well. Allan’s call was answered by Jan, whose background in nursing helps her answer medical questions — but her empathy is particularly appreciated by callers like Allan.

Jan was able to make suggestions for local services that could help Allan’s son: accommodation when he travelled for treatments, financial help and babysitting. Jan also told him about our online community, which would be a good place for his family to get support from other people who have been there.

Allan is one of 50,000 Canadians per year — 198 people every day — who reach out for compassionate support from people like Jan. And thanks to your support, she was there to take the call.

With the gift of A Phone Call, you helped people like Allan find the support they needed when they needed it the most.

*Name changed for privacy.

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